A Litany of Caring

by Major Deborah Flagg –

“Lord, as we gather in this comfortable place to worship you, as we join our voices in praise to you, we would like to believe that the world is like this place–warm, welcoming and safe. We would like to believe that all people are well-fed, well-rested and loved. We would like to believe the city which surrounds us provides its inhabitants with all they need. We would like to believe, but disturbing sounds fall on our ears; we can’t shut them out.

“We hear the sounds of loneliness, of people without connection and without hope. That sound comes from nearby.”

Give us, Lord, the courage to reach out.

We hear the sounds of hunger–rumbling stomachs and empty lives. The sounds come from the city streets, from the tenements, from the mouths of children.

Grant us, Lord, a greater appreciation for bread and the generosity to share from our abundance.

We hear the sounds of the homeless, of those waking up under threadbare blankets, tucked into the corners of buildings, vulnerable on the sidewalks.

Help us, Lord, not to pass by on the other side. We desire a little of your infinite tenderness.

We hear the sounds of those who suffer. There are so many ways to suffer–from fragmented families, disabled bodies, lack of bare necessities, lack of hope. We know it is not your will that people should suffer.

Teach us, Lord, more about this human dilemma. Help us to work toward practical solutions and to see with your vision.

Amid all the disturbing sounds, we hear the faint sounds of hope–of your kingdom being realized in our midst, of possibilities and answers, of power that comes from you.

Wake us up, Lord! May we be aware of your work among us; may we allow you to work through us.

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Unless we are moved with compassion, how does your Spirit dwell within us?

Give us, Lord, a little of your purity, a little of your grace, a little of your love. Help us to care in your name. AMEN

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