A fan or a follower?

by Sarah Wild –

Sarah gave this testimony on her last Sunday at the Torrance Corps (Calif.) before leaving for ministry with Revolution Micronesia.

Many of you would probably say that you already know who I am. You know that my parents are officers, that I am the oldest of three kids, and that my family is absolutely obsessed with soccer. Some have seen me grow up at the Torrance Corps from a naive 13-year-old teenager to now a 20-year-old young adult. But after all these years, do many of you know how my relationship has grown or changed with Christ? This is MY personal testimony.

I can’t say that I had a horrible childhood. I have a wonderful family who loves me. I can’t say that I was a troubled teenager. My parents taught me right from wrong. However, although school friends saw me as “the good girl,” I was really a selfish, self-centered Christian.

The super bowl is today, and earlier I met a huge Colts fan who was wearing the best spirited outfit, knew all the names of all players with the starting lineup, and was very excited about today’s game.

When I was 16 I had a friend who died in high school. She knew that I was a Christian, but I showed her that I lived my life only as a fan. I never took the opportunity to share my faith. I was the same as that Colts fan. I wore my uniform to church, knew many of the answers at Sunday school and was an enthusiastic admirer of Christ. This was a lifestyle for me. I was putting on an act to be noticed and praised by others.

After my friend’s passing, I began to realize that I was not living the correct Christian life. I harshly learned that I needed NOT BE a FAN of Christ but a FOLLOWER of Jesus. Luke 9:23 says: “Then he said to them all, If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and FOLLOW ME.”

My relationship with God has grown tremendously these last few years. When I made the decision to be a FOLLOWER, I began to notice how God has been working in my life. He has revealed to me some of my spiritual gifts, and I’ve been learning how to use them to further his kingdom.

One way that God has blessed me is in giving me an opportunity to travel to the Marshall Islands where I will be spending my time and energy for the next four months. Next Sunday I will be flying to Hawaii where I’ll spend two weeks of training through the Revolution Micronesia program. After that I will be sent to assist at a local corps in the Marshall Islands. But my ministry doesn’t stop there. At the end of the four months, I’ll be on the Hawaii Division Youth Council team where I will help lead youth councils in Guam, Saipan, Chuuk, Pohnpei and back to Revolution Micronesia.

This is my last Sunday here at the Torrance Corps. I want to thank everyone who has been there for me as I’ve grown here at the corps. And thank you so much for being living examples of Christ. Please will you continue to pray for me as I have a busy few months ahead. Pray that I will learn from this experience. I know that God will use me in many ways. Thank you and God bless.

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