A chance encounter…

While at the Olympics, I attended a women’s hockey game, the US vs. China, in Provo. After the game I visited our Salvation Army hydration station, where I met a couple of women from the Salt Lake area.

One of them, Janice, was especially blessed by our presence. The Army had made an impact on her family. Her sister, Mary Ann, had battled drug addiction, and consequently homelessness, for years. The Army was always there for Mary Ann, offering shelter and the opportunity for a lasting solution.

Unfortunately, she was never able to commit to changing her life, and died this past October. Janice gave me the prayer card from her sister’s funeral. In memory of Mary Ann, the family had requested donations in her name for The Salvation Army.

“We love the Army for the help you gave and the hope you offered.”

The hand of God was at work in this chance encounter, which blessed us both. Janice was even able to put my companion and me on the right road back to Salt Lake City.

Praise God for leading us to the right people!

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