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Chance encounter
Got into your homepage by chance and found it very useful. It’s good to hear about the Army’s work in your territory. I find the articles in Frontier most useful in our cultural context. The principles shared on small group ministries apply to all. Thanks

Captain Frances Ng

Web fan
Great web site! I used to be a soldier in the West and I now live in Tennessee, and attend a non-denominational church. I really enjoy being able to read the New Frontier to get the news on a lot of people who are very dear to me. I’m glad I found this page. Bless you!

Tammy Mezera

Covering Yee
Congratulations on your cover featuring Lt. Colonel Check Yee (R), in reference to his receiving the Order of the Founder. It is a classic. And I commend your territory for its deserved recognition of a man who has been a legend in his time, and who now is part of the epochal event in renewing an Army presence and ministry in his homeland, which hosts one-fourth of the world’s population. This is Army history at its best, and you have chronicled it in a memorable manner.

Colonel Henry Gariepy (R)
Toms River NJ

In the June 30 issue of New Frontier, we misquoted General Paul Rader as saying “I have special power to ordain.” It should have said, “I have no special power to ordain.”

Happy, Saved and Free!

Happy, Saved and Free!

The Body Builder By Captain Terry Camsey –  That’s the kind of



JUNEAU, AK–Youth and Teen Ministries Coordinator wanted by Juneau Corps

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