70,000 opportunities to “do the most good”

by Kelly Gabel – Public Relations and Marketing Director – 

Entrusted by one of his long-time customers to “do the right thing” with a blank $2,500 check after the devastation of the Gulf Coast hurricanes, Bill Martin, president and CEO of the Bank of Sacramento, jumped into action.

He set up a drive, thinking it would be great if they could raise $25,000 dollars for hurricane relief. “Obviously, we wanted to help the people on the Gulf Coast,” he said.

Six weeks later, the Bank of Sacramento had raised over $70,000 for The Salvation Army through the generous donations of its employees and customers.

To say their phone-a-thon was a success is an understatement. “I was totally overwhelmed by the generosity of our customers and friends,” Bill said. “When we asked if they were interested in joining us in making a contribution to the Katrina fund almost everyone was on board immediately.”

There was never a question about which organization would be the recipient of their efforts. “Our ties to The Salvation Army go back more than 15 years,” Bill said. That relationship played a part in helping to collect donations. “People were reassured when they found out the money would be going to The Salvation Army. Everyone trusts the Army!”

This kind of partnership is exactly what allows The Salvation Army to continue to “do the most good.”

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