700 Attend Saturday Morning Jr. Soldier Rally

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Clapping, singing, shouting, and praying–more than 700 youth from throughout the territory enjoyed Saturday morning’s Junior Soldier Rally, hosted by Captain Glenda Berko, territorial Guard, Sunbeam and Junior Soldier director, who also coordinated the event.

“We’re going to have fun here!” Berko exclaimed as she greeted the crowd, and that they did.

The enthusiastic youth soon discovered “it’s all right to be you!” as they were visited by Disney characters (based on the A.A. Milne stories) Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Christopher Robin.

The three, who were mobbed by the youngsters as they entered the exhibit hall, commanded rapt attention.

Through ongoing conversations with them, Berko explained to the young people that Jesus is the means by which God reveals his love to us and that God says “you’re wonderful just like you are.” And just like Tigger, each one of us is unique and very special to God.

That message was reinforced through a multitude of musical moments, with Donnie and Pam Rasmussen leading choruses, the Santa Clara Singing Company providing a musical selection, and an enthusiastic vocal quartet by the Abella quadruplets, Daniel, Sarah, Naomi and David.

Captain Linda Manhardt, Sierra Del Mar divisional youth and candidates’ secretary, brought a well recieved object lesson.

A Junior soldier carnival followed the rally.

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Women Celebrate Victorious Living

Congress During Saturday morning’s “Celebra-tion of Victorious

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“What Child Is This?” Is Often Asked Question

By Major Judy Hedgren –  “What Child is this?

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