38 Corps Honored in Youth Achievement

The Territorial Youth Department is pleased to announce 38 corps received Junior Soldier Standard of Achievement awards for 1996.

The Junior Soldier Standard of Achievement is a recognition program designed to acknowledge Junior Soldier Brigades that are active and goal oriented. It also enables corps officers to better monitor the health and activity of the Junior Soldier Brigades, encourage the use of the Junior Soldier training and preparation material, and attempt to unify the Junior Soldier program in the Western Territory.

The three separate levels of achievement are: Level 1 – yellow; Level 2 – red; Level 3 – blue.

The following received awards:

Alaska: Anchorage-Yellow; Gate-way-Yellow; Mat-Su Valley-Yellow; Hoonah-Red; South Anchorage-Blue.

Cascade: Boise-Yellow.

Del Oro: Oakland Foothill-Red; Sacramento-Blue.

Golden State: San Francisco Turk Street-Blue; Santa Clara Citadel-Blue; Watsonville-Yellow.

Hawaiian and Pacific Islands: Guam-Yellow; Kahului-Blue; Kolonia-Yellow; Kona-Yellow; Lihue-Yellow.

Intermountain: Butte-Blue; Cheyenne-Yellow; Colorado Springs-Yellow; Fort Collins-Yellow; Greeley-Red; Sheridan-Yellow.

Northwest: Aberdeen-Yellow; Great Falls-Blue; Helena-Yellow; Seattle Temple-Red; Walla Walla-Blue.

Sierra Del Mar: Oceanside-Blue; Riverside-Blue; San Diego Citadel-Blue.

Southern California: Pasadena Tabernacle-Yellow; Torrance-Yellow.

Southwest: Glendale-Yellow; North Las Vegas-Yellow; Phoenix Citadel-Red; Tucson Temple-Yellow; Yuma-Blue.

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