196 Officers Receive New Appointments

Two international moves highlight the transfer of 196 officers who have received marching orders to new appointments, according to International Secretary for the Americas and Caribbean Commissioner David Edwards.

Effective July 8, Major Neil Saunders has been appointed finance secretary, Caribbean Territory, and Major Beth Saunders has been appointed director of sponsorship program and projects officer.

Lieutenants Ted and Deborah Horwood will leave in August for the Zambia and Malawi Territory, where Lt. Ted Horwood will serve as extension training officer, Malawi Region, and Lt. Deborah Horwood will serve as corps officer, Blantyre Corps.

(Note: the following appointments are effective July 3, 1996, unless otherwise noted.)


Major Robert Pontsler Audit Secretary
Major Ralph Looker Secretary – Supplies & Purchasing Dept.
Major Rudy Hedgren Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Major Judy Hedgren Assistant Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Major Deanna Sholin Silver Star Sec’y/Women’s Org., Admin. Aide
Major Anne Pickup Discipleship & Lay Leadership Director
Captain Gene Ragan Corps Growth Secretary
Captain Irene Ragan Associate Corps Growth Secretary
Captain Donna Ames Evangelism, Cross Culture & Adult Min. Sec’y
Captain Kenneth Hodder Congress & Special Events Coordinator
Captain Arthur Storey Associate Community Relations & Develop. Sec’y
Captain Donna Bowman Ass’t Director – Officer Health Services


Majors Ken & Betty Gibson Assoc. Admin./Assoc. Dir. Spec. Svcs. Sacramento ARC
Majors John & Betty Randall Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Long Beach ARC
Majors David & Effie Patrick Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Stockton ARC
Captain Jeffrey Dennis ARC Command
Captains Loyd & Vicki Roberts Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Portland ARC
Captains Wes & Dawn Trueblood Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Perris ARC
Captains John & Katherine Reed Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Tucson ARC
Lieutenants Grady & Julie Brown Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Carpinteria ARC
Lieutenants Man-Hee & Stephanie Chang Admin./Dir. Spec. Svcs. Santa Monica ARC
Captains Jonathan & Janet Knapp Assoc. Admin./Assoc. Dir. Spec. Svcs. Seattle/Tacoma ARC
Envoys Alan & Tonya Carlson Dir. of Program /Admin Aide- ARCC (Pro-Tem)
Majors Robert & Betty Johnson Chaplains – Phoenix ARC
Majors James & Peggy Ross Trainees
Captains Hendrik & Susan Aalders Trainees
Lieutenants Barry & Pamela White Trainees
Lieutenants Fred & Sherryle Morasky Trainees



Major Donna Jackson Assistant Director of Personnel
Major Darvin Carpenter Senior Instructor
Major Betty Carpenter Asst. Dir. of Spec. Services/Teen Ministry Dir.
Captain Thomas Mui Senior Home Officer
Captain Joy Mui Resource Officer
Major Patricia Jolley Financial Services Officer
Major James Bradley Administration Resource Officer
Major Charleen Bradley Christian Education Resource Officer



Majors Neil & Kathie Timpson Corps Officers Juneau, AK
Captain Dana Birch Administrator Older Alaskan Services, Anchorage
Captains Erik & Angeline Sholin Corps Officers Anchorage Citadel, AK
Lieutenants Troy & Debra Trickel Corps Officers Kenai Peninsula, AK
Lieutenants Wayne & Connie Bruce Corps Officers Kake, AK



Majors Dillmond & Donna Lewis DHQ – Portland (Pro-Tem)
Majors Dale & Olga Vilen DHQ – Portland (Pro-Tem)
Majors Clifford & Susan Jones Corps Officers Coos Bay, OR
Captains Donald & Joyce Takeuchi Corps Officers Eugene, OR
Captains Dale & Linda Pittock Corps Officers Salem, OR
Lieutenants Brian & Leticia Saunders Corps Officers Portland Tabernacle, OR
A/Captains Bob & Linda Roome Corps Officers Medford, OR



Major William Nottle Corps Officer Concord, CA
Major Gordon Helms East Bay Counties Coordinator
Major Peggy Helms Associate Corps Officer Hayward, CA
Majors Francis & Eleanor Ragland Administrators Silvercrest Residence, Stockton
Captains Jerry & Rita Simpson Corps Officers Roseville, CA
Captains Larry & Joanne Peterson Administrators Silvercrest Residence, Reno
Captain Pamela Gardner Additional Responsibility: Guard & Sunbeam Dir.
A/Captains Gene & Elsie Lantz Administrators Silvercrest Residence, Santa Rosa
A/Captains James & Belva Durel Corps Officers Vacaville, CA
A/Captains Cruz & Linda Rodriguez Corps Officers Red Bluff, CA
Lieutenant Grace Tse Corps Officer Oakland Chinatown, CA
Lieutenants John & Darlene Stapleford Assistant Corps Officers Chico, CA
A/Captain Marjorie Frederick Associate Corps Officer Reno, NV
A/Captains Rick & Sherill Stevens Corps Officers Auburn, CA
A/Captains Richard & Rebecca Huntley Awaiting Overseas Appointment


Major Ben Nunes Service Extension Director
Captain Debra Shrum Divisional Secretary for Program
Captains Robin & Tereasa Hu Corps Officers San Francisco Chinatown, CA
Captain Robert Bowman Div. Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captains Hal & Sherida Hads Corps Officers Clovis, CA
Captains John & Nancy Watson Corps Officers Bakersfield, CA
Captains Scott & Cherilee Ramsey Corps Officers Santa Cruz, CA
A/Captains David & Diane Ebel Assistant Corps Officers Modesto, CA with responsibility for new corps opening
A/Captain Lanell Washington Associate Corps Officer Sunnyvale, CA
Lieutenants Oscar & Linda Valladares Corps Officers Madera, CA
Lieutenants Robert & Monica Covert Assistants (Pro-Tem) Redwood Glen Camp
Lieutenant Bob Louangamath Assistant Corps Officer Santa Cruz, CA



Majors Robert & Esther Rubin Corps Officers Honolulu Waioli Chapel
Majors Russell & Jacqueline Fritz Corps Officer Hilo, HI
Captain Allie Niles Divisional Secretary
Captain Clarence Orion Chaplain Addiction Treatment Services
Captain Patricia Orion Additional Responsibility: Ass’t. Div. Women’s Ministries Secretary
Captains Keith & Mona McRevy Corps Officers Kona, HI
A/Captain Sue Gallaty Corps Officer Honokaa, HI



Majors Luis & Maria Martinez Corps Officers Denver Red Shield, CO
Major Preston Rider Financial Secretary
Major Bonita Rider League of Mercy Secretary
Captain Carla LaFayette Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captain Victor Leslie Divisional Secretary
Captain Rose-Marie Leslie Women’s Ministries Secretary
Captains Darvin & Linda Jordan Corps Officers Cheyenne, WY
Captain Bruce Rose Associate Corps Officer Boulder, CO
Captains John & Pamela Brackenbury Corps Officers Denver Citadel, CO
Captain Lola Downey Assistant Corps Officer Grand Junction, CO
Lieutenant Michelle Smith Assistant Corps Officer West Adams, CO
Lieutenants Kevin & Lyndall Mullins Corps Officers Aurora, CO
A/Captains Clayton & Trudy Freeman Corps Officers Laramie, WY
A/Captains Kit & Patricia Wetter Corps Officers Fort Collins, CO
A/Captains Alvin & Roberta Solts Corps Officers Billings, MT


Majors Robert & Metta Smith Corps Officers Longview, WA
Majors Delbert & Victoria Brockelman Corps Officers Tacoma, WA
Captain Nancy Davis Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
Captains Robert & Marjorie Hall Associate Corps Officers Spokane Citadel, WA


Major Murray Flagg Divisional Secretary
Major Deborah Flagg Women’s Ministries Secretary
Captains Arnold & Carol Hassler Corps Officers Chula Vista, CA
Captains Joe & Nila Huttenlocker Corps Officers San Bernardino, CA
Captain Michael Zielinski Finance Secretary
Captain Janene Zielinski League of Mercy & Medical Fellowship Sec’y
Captains Guy & Denise Hawk Corps Officers Riverside, CA
Captains Dallas & Marlo Pedersen Corps Officers El Centro, CA
Lieutenant Denise Goodwin Assistant Corps Officer Redlands, CA
Envoy Marlene Darnell Assistant Oceanside, CA


Captains Steve & Merry Svenson Corps Officers Redondo Beach, CA
Captains Norman & Debra Patton Corps Officers Oxnard, Port Hueneme, CA
Captains William & Roberta Downey Corps Officers Inglewood, CA
Captains Daniel & Susan Wun Corps Officers L.A. Temple City, CA
Captain Jerry Ames Divisional Secretary
Captain Carolyn Storey Assistant Women’s Ministries Secretary & Older Adult Ministries Secretary
Lieutenant Cassandra Adams Assistant Corps Officer Santa Monica, CA
Lieutenants Charles & Sheri Fowler Corps Officers Burbank, CA


Captain Angie Medina Special Assignment – DHQ
Captains Gregorio & Maria Bercian Corps Officers Albuquerque Temple, NM
Captains Dan & Linda Millard Corps Officers Prescott, AZ
Captains Lew & Norma Jackson Corps Officers Apache Junction, AZ
Lieutenants Fred & Debora Wong Corps Officers Sierra Vista, AZ

May God’s blessing be upon these changes.
Bill D. Luttrell,Colonel

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