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RAY STINER, MAJ. EILEEN Hoogstad, and Capt. Yusak Tampai discuss plans for the Palau Girl’s Home. The Del Oro Division is raising funds for constructing the home.

The Salvation Army’s ministry in Indonesia came to life for many at Territorial Headquarters recently as they listened to Captain Yusak Tampai describe the work of the Army in that island nation.

Tampai, territorial headquarters special projects officer for Indonesia, was on a two-week trip to the Western Territory to promote World Service giving.

He noted the link between the West and Indonesia: World Service giving from this territory has funded their training college and library.

In addition, the Del Oro Division is the West’s “Heart Connection” with Indonesia, and has coordinated the Palu project to raise $265,000 to rebuild a Salvation Army Girl’s Home in Palu.

Tampai described the challenges that face Indonesian officers and soldiers on a daily basis. Much of the Army’s educational work is in villages; visiting them can entail a two-day walk through the jungle or mountains.

“The Salvation Army has 96 schools; most are primary schools in remote villages,” he said. “One of the biggest challenges is keeping them running due to lack of funding.”

In addition to mission and corps work, the Army provides significant social, educational, and medical work, including children’s homes, hospitals and clinics, and primary schools.

There are now 185 corps, 122 outposts, and nearly 24,000 soldiers in Indonesia.

As his presentation concluded at THQ, Colonel Phil Needham presented him with a check for $1,000 from the West for books for the training college library.

Thanking him, Yusak said, “This isn’t just $1,000–it’s millions! It will provide a future for our cadets and for the Army.” Most cadets, he explained, are from villages and can’t afford books.

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