Yuba/Sutter Corps: more than a rally

by Courtney Stratton, Captain – 

The parking lot was filled to capacity with laughing children and watchful parents as the Yuba/Sutter Corps held its first Rally Day or rather, its first Family Fun Day. Among the activities were a bounce house and various carnival games. What a blessing to see the children and their families together and having fun at the same time.

What is so special about this Rally Day? It was one of the corps’ first opportunities to realign its social service ministries to address the whole person. The Army has long known that for change to be successful it must address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. This Rally Day event was a vibrant effort to reach out to the participants of our Depot Family Crisis Center and Transitional Housing Program. In the crowd that day were a few parents who were just reunited with their children after they were placed in the protection of Child Protective Services. What a way to celebrate, as a family.

The Salvation Army Depot Family Crisis Center is a ministry of the Yuba/Sutter Corps. The center’s purpose is to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support for the successful reentry of homeless families and individuals into society. Among the many services provided, there is a strong emphasis on rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. The center also focuses on the rebuilding of family; when the parents begin to heal, so do the children.

After successfully completing the program, participants are able to transfer into our transitional housing program. The Army acquired nine condemned houses before the city slated them for demolition. After a major rebuild, these houses have become homes for our participants to continue their recovery in a safe and affirming environment. True to Army history, the most bleak and hopeless situations are given new life and hope through shelter from the storms. Lives are being changed and families are being restored.

Since this event, we are proud to be reaching the youth though a new weekly youth night activity. It is from this that we hope the youth and their families will feel comfortable and begin to attend our corps Sunday school and worship services.

The Depot Family Crisis Center and the Transitional Living Program through integration with the corps ministries are helping to free those from a life of addiction and giving them a life of hope and restoration. William and Catherine Booth would be proud!

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