YouthQuake 6.02 provides opportunities for adults

Adults intending to attend YouthQuake 6.02 will need to register. A special track will be available Friday and Saturday, with the option of attending Saturday night’s Youth Spectacular.

The Youthquake 6.02 Adult Track has been created for registered adults featuring great music from Jordan Crossing and inspirational Bible teaching from Captains Mark and Sharon Tillsley (USA East) and Captains Lee and Michele Lescano (Tustin Ranch).

Captain Judy Smith, Evangelism and Spiritual Life Formation Secretary says “Adults that attend YouthQuake 6.02 will not be disappointed. With quality music and Bible study leaders preparing specifically for the adult delegate, I have no doubt that the Lord will minister to each person as they need and desire. I pray that adult delegates will come joyfully into the Adult Track of YouthQuake 6.02, with great anticipation to receive all that God wants to pour out – an adult quake, so to speak!”

Complete your Youthquake 6.02 registration form and return it to your corps officer by Feb. 15 to get the early bird registration. (Childcare is available for all events ­ children must be registered on the Youthquake 6.02 registration form.)

The Saturday sessions will be provided separately in Spanish.

Las secciones de los sábados se darán en español, por separado.

Registration forms are available from your corps officer, or at

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