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 Sunbeam, Girl Guard and Adventure Corps members recognized for achievements

By Paula Wild, Captain

One of my responsibilities as territorial assistant youth secretary is to process high awards for the children and youth who participate in the Sunbeam, Girl Guard and Adventure Corps programs. I am thankful for the youth leaders and corps officers who faithfully teach these young people the importance of character building and relationship with the Lord.

We recognize these youth who have earned high awards this year.

Commissioner’s Sunbeams: Caterra Ramsburg (Tacoma, Wash., corps), Jenea Wiley (Tacoma), Alyssa Acob (Yakima, Wash., corps), Sarah Jessup (Yakima), Kayla Perez (Tacoma), Hannah Navarro (Kauluwela, Hawaii, corps), Danna Moore (El Cajon, Calif., corps), Danel’a Garrett (El Cajon), Aurora Perez (El Cajon), Aaliyah Rodgriguez (Mid-Columbia, Wash., corps), Kelsy Birden (Mid-Columbia), Morgan Huff (Mid-Columbia), Daisy Gregg (Seattle), Daija Birden (Mid-Columbia), Hollie Stanford (Chula Vista, Calif., corps), Alicia Ocegueda (Chula Vista), Sarah Patterson (Oceanside, Calif., corps), Crystal Flores (San Bernadino, Calif.)

Commissioner’s Sunbeam Stars: Jenea Wiley, Kayla Perez and Caterra Ramsburg (all from Tacoma)

National Commander’s Award: Joshua Norton, Jarod Howard and Noah Falzarano (all from El Cajon)

General’s Guard Award: Annchillyn Lorin (Leeward, Hawaii, corps), Krystle Costello (Oceanside), Ariel Costello (Oceanside), Destiny Harris (Seattle Temple), Amorie Weekley (Mat-Su Valley, Alaska, corps)

God and Family: Noah Falzarano (El Cajon), Jarod Howard (El Cajon), Joshua Norton (El Cajon), Valerie Noble (Merced, Calif., corps), Lauren Cabrera (Merced), Lanie Cabrera (Merced)

God and Me: Grace Mundy (Pasadena Tabernacle, Calif., corps), Chloe Jamison (Pasadena), Jasmine Schofield-Smith (Pasadena), Claire Cook (Pasadena), Grace Camargos-Orr (Pasadena), Sadie Cowing (Pasadena), Katelyn Sanders (Merced), Dakota Barnett (Merced)

God and Church—The Salvation Army: Victoria Foley, Mi’chael Hines, Zoe Law, Jazmin Riley, Alexis Young and Isabel Lepe (all from Pasadena) and Sierrah Barnett (Merced)

Palms Award: Victoria Foley (Pasadena)

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