Youth band and chorus shine

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Territorial Youth Band and Pasadena Youth Chorus welcome the New Year.

by Richard Bosanko –

The Western Territorial Youth Band, led by Bandmaster Neil Smith, and the Pasadena Youth Chorus, led by Barbara Allen, shared a rare and exciting evening of music at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps on December 30. The Territorial Youth Band was the guest band for the Tournament of Roses Parade and was wrapping up its tour of the Sierra del Mar and Southern California divisions, while the Pasadena Youth Chorus was gearing up for a tour of the New Zealand and Australia East territories.

The concert theme, “The future is now,” highlighted the exciting future for music in the Western Territory as both groups displayed a high standard of performance. More importantly, however, was the spiritual message and the sense of renewal through Christ that was evident throughout the performance.

The City of Pasadena is an exciting place to be at New Year’s, and there was no doubt that those in attendance felt a true sense of encouragement with which to begin the year 2008.

“It’s fantastic to see so many different styles of music integrated into a festival that was a very worshipful experience,” said Smith. “The enthusiasm from the young people was a delight, and the territorial music department wishes the Pasadena Youth Chorus every success on their upcoming tour.”

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