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RESIDENTS near the Burj Corps in Pakistan.

Generous giving to World Services enables Salvationists in less developed countries to build corps, equip officers and soldiers, and provide the facilities necessary to serve the local congregations.

A few of the many World Service projects that have been funded by the Western Territory are presented here.


A gift of $20,000 U.S. dollars provided funding for a compound fence, water project, society hall, clinic building, DHQ furnishings, quarters, land purchase and new corps hall in Ikere Ekit, Nigeria.

The funds were initially designated to build just the compound fence. Owing to large exchange rate gains, a balance of $17,827 remained after the construction; this was used to fund seven other projects.

The clinic in Iyara is providing important primary care to the community. Previously, residents of the community had to travel distances of over 10 kilometers just for basic medical treatment. Said one patient, “The cost of transport saved to have treatment at the city will now permit us to use the money to pay for our treatment bill. Thanks be to God and The Salvation Army!”

In addition, land was purchased to be used for a vocational training center at Ile-Ife. More than four acres in size, it is designed to accommodate all necessary classroom blocks, sports area, and the superintendent and staff quarters. The Salvation Army corps in this area are pleased to be able to have this school within their community. The local corps showed its appreciation and support by contributing enough money to build one classroom block on the newly-purchased land.

Turlock dedicates new Silvercrest residence

Turlock dedicates new Silvercrest residence

THOROUGHLY DEDICATED Salvationists and friends include Colonels Donald and

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