Workshops set to meet ‘real world’ needs


by Chuck Gillies, Major – 

Workshops slated for Commissioning are set to meet ‘real world’ needs, providing Salvationists with practical tools to solve the challenges of daily living.

Disturbing questions rob quietness from our hearts. “What does a healthy corps and inspiring worship look like?” “Today’s youth! What can we do to attract and hold them for Christ and the Army?” “How can we really know what our neighbors think and what they need? Why don’t they grab what I know they need?” “I can’t meet my needs with my income. How can I bring order out of this chaos?” Workshops are being developed by leaders engaged in practical ministry to address these questions.

To Make the Field a Priority, a tool to recognize and develop corps health will be presented, and an opportunity to experience and reflect upon worship will be shared. To Make Youth a Priority, Hope/Share will be introduced, and opportunities and issues facing today’s youth will be mined.

Promoting Holistic Ministry demands we listen and embrace real concerns of our neighbors. How to accomplish that will be explored, drawing upon real life experiences. In order to Direct Resources to Mission individuals, families, and corps struggling with dreams negatively impacted by financial realities will be provided a time for scrutiny with tools for planning.

Recognizing many of us use different languages and that learning best occurs in our mother tongue, workshops are being presented in English and Spanish, and will be translated for others as needed.

“We pray that these opportunities will provide practical, workable possibilities to the reality of our world,” states Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton. “We desire to begin to assist corps in fleshing action steps to vision and priorities.”

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