Workshops for all

Territorial Headquarters is offering free ministry workshops during the Saturday morning of commissioning weekend, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on June 11. These sessions require no pre-registration.

*Korean Ministries/Corps Growth (Korean) – Captains Peter and Ok Kim
How to have a thriving corps ministry while sustaining the rich and varied Christian traditions imported from Korea; as well as retain second-generation Koreans.

*Young Adults Involved in Ministry (Spanish) – Louie and Maria Salazar
Ways to challenge, inspire, and motivate our young adults to get involved in the ministries of the corps.

*Integrated Ministry (English) – Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton
The Church is growing internationally, while we in the western world experience frustration and decline in ministry opportunities. This workshop will explore a non-western world, but Biblical approach to mission, and how it can revolutionize our ministry.

**Cast a Global Vision (English) – Captain Ted Horwood
The Captain will share his experiences and ministry opportunities while serving the victims of the tsunami rescue efforts in Southeast Asia. He will also share mission opportunities that are available to officers, soldiers, and friends of The Salvation Army.

***The Sunbeam Program (Spanish) – Marcela Tippol
Outreach opportunities and curriculum training for girls in grades 1-5 through the Sunbeam program.

***HopeShare (Spanish) – Marcela Tippol
Leadership training in HopeShare. HopeShare is a great tool for alerting the people in your corps to the needs of unchurched kids and motivating them to get involved in outreach programs such as SONday’s Cool, supper clubs, and various other programs that will make a difference in their lives.

*One-hour workshop that will be repeated
**Two-hour workshop that will not be repeated
***One-hour workshop that will not be repeated

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