Words of Life – Easter edition 2006

Forgiveness was the subject of much of Jesus’ teaching. He made it clear that forgiveness is both a gift from God and a grace we need to pass on to others. With one hand we receive it; with the other hand we offer it. These are the two hands of forgiveness.

Author Henri Nouwen said the lifelong struggle to forgive lies at the heart of the Christian life. So we need to get it right.

This edition of Words of Life takes a long look at forgiveness. Also featured are readings for Epiphany, the final chapters of Luke’s Gospel, a study of the Old Testament prophet Amos, Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, a study of an exquisite verse from 2 Corinthians and Sunday reflections from the book of Isaiah. The Easter series has been prepared by Major John Townsend.

May this edition of Words of Life help us all to walk tall as the people of God, ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven.

Now available through Resource Connection: 1-800-937-8896.

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