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A tangle of tales

Stories fill our world – good stories and bad stories being told and lived out every moment of every day. Stories feature in our daily newspapers and flash across our TV screens. Stories instruct and illumine, captivate and challenge, build community and inspire hope.

Our lives are made up of stories. Nobody is a straight line, but a tangle of tales, a storehouse of stories told by parents, siblings and friends. Every experience, success and failure is a thread that weaves us into the tangle we become.

This Advent edition of Words of Life contains stories of Old Testament characters Micah and Saul, stories from the Psalms and the Gospels and from Paul’s second letter to Timothy. The familiar, ever-fresh story of Jesus’ birth is told once again.

May this tangle of tales nourish and inspire you to live your story well.

To order Words of Life contact Trade at 800/937-8896.

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