Women of Excellence – Del Oro

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Women of Excellence

Del Oro

Del Oro
DEL ORO–In Susanville, Calif., Women of Excellence are “standing at the door–on the threshold.”

by Sarah L. Bentley – 

Women of the Del Oro Division gathered to celebrate, “Our heritage…women of excellence” at Women’s Ministries rallies in Chico and Oakland, Calif. Colonel Gwen Luttrell, territorial secretary of Women’s Organizations, challenged the women to be women of excellence.

The performance of “Saints Alive” brought poppets alive singing and testifying of the change Christ brought in each of their lives and what General Booth’s Army meant to them.

Divisional League of Mercy Secretary Major Ann Allemang, as Catherine Booth, contributed both humor and wisdom as she emphasized the unlimited opportunities of the new millennium.

Each delegate received the first volume of “Our Golden Heritage” comprised of stories of Del Oro’s past by those who have lived its history. A women of excellence from each corps received a flower and a medal as she presented an item representing her corps to be placed in a time capsule.

Commissioner Doreen Edwards, territorial president, women’s organizations, placed the Del Oro Women’s Ministry time capsule in the ground at Del Oro DHQ. The plaque, which is placed over the spot, reads: “Time Capsule ­ to be opened in 100 years.”

The purpose of the time capsule is to give a glimpse of their heritage to the women of the 21st century. Lt. Colonel April Strickland, Del Oro director of Women’s Organizations, stated, “Our heritage gives us roots and our faith gives us wings as we step through the threshold of the new millennium.”


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