Which Queen Mary do you want to board?

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Letters to the editor

Just read Bob Docter’s column in the March 4 issue of the New Frontier. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for writing those words. I often wonder whether we have our rudders encased in cement, although I have never put it in such a way—brilliant analogy. What will it take for us to break free and actually take our place on the steps of the capitol? What will it take for us to shed our vestiges of war and clothe ourselves with the armor of God as we race headlong into battle? When David faced Goliath, he refused to don the King’s heavy, cumbersome armor. You know the story. Have we accepted similar pieces of armor that weigh us down—restricting us from mobilizing and fighting as we ought?
I pray that people would read this piece and be awakened to the fact that we are in fact on the wrong Queen Mary and we aren’t leaving the dock too soon!
Rob Reardon, Captain
Divisional Youth &
Candidates’ Secretary
Northwest Division

I really, really, really appreciated the sentiments expressed in the Queen Mary/Queen Mary II analogies. I could see an ongoing series of comments on that topic, though it might ruffle a few feathers. If it were done from an advocate point of view (positive criticism) in a fashion similar to the tone you used, I believe it could help usher in (positive) change at a little faster pace than in the past (that’s kind of intended as a joke). As I’m sure you know: there are a lot of great ideas and suggestions
floating around out there to draw upon. Food for thought…
Rich Silva,
Director of Development & Communications
The Salvation Army—Spokane Regional Services, Wash.

Which way you gonna take brother?

Which way you gonna take brother?

Body Builder by Terry Camsey, Major –  Do you think that the Army is

After the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, the will to start over again

After the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, the will to start over again

The 100th Anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire by Judy Vaughn

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