What’s in the new initiative?

Territorial Youth Band & Chorus
The Territorial Youth Band (TYB) will be launched in September 2006. Auditions for this group will be held throughout the summer. Its first duty will be to provide musical support for the Welcome of Cadets in September.

The Territorial Youth Chorus (TYC) will be launched early in 2007. Auditions for this group will be held starting in the fall.

Each group will include about 50 young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Members must be uniform-wearing Salvationists who are committed to the music sections at the corps level.

Territorial Music Secretary Neil Smith explained the rationale for forming the new groups: “Our young people are looking for outlets for their skills. Those who come from smaller corps have not had the opportunity to participate in a full-sized Army music section. Others who attend larger corps need the chance to work with youth from other parts of the territory. Unfortunately, some of them are looking elsewhere!

Smith continued, “We hope not only to develop their musical skills, but also to broaden their Christian experience, encourage them to work as a team and give them an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Territorial Band
Territorial Band members will be appointed during the next few weeks. Members of the band must be uniform-wearing Salvationists who are committed to the music sections at the corps level. Their first undertaking will be a ministry weekend in October of this year.

As part of this years’ Commissioning weekend, the new band members will receive their commissions during the Saturday evening celebration of music and gospel arts.

Territorial Songsters
One of the greatest aspects of Salvation Army music is our singing. With this in mind, a Territorial Songster brigade will be formed in early 2007.

Like all the new territorial groups, the Territorial Songsters will be chosen from all around our great territory. Songsters must also be uniform-wearing Salvationists who are committed to the music sections at the corps level.

Worship Arts Retreat
A completely new venture for this territory, the worship arts retreat will be modeled on the Central Territory’s success in this area. The goal is to provide training for worship arts at the same high standard as that provided for traditional Army music groups.

The first retreat is scheduled for February 2007. It will include training for praise teams, dance groups, mime and drama and much more.

Music Leaders Retreat
Local music leaders are often so busy supporting worship at the corps that they rarely have the opportunity to sit back and re-charge their own batteries.

The Music Leaders’ retreats will give corps music leaders the opportunity to be ministered to and a chance to experience worship from “the other perspective.” Plans include a weekend retreat every other year for these leaders who give of themselves tirelessly.

Still in the development stage, information about upcoming music leaders’ retreat will be available as plans are completed.

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