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by Terry Camsey, Major – 

I am fascinated by the potential creativity of the human mind since we are, after all, created in the image of the Ultimate Creator. I must have over 30 books on the subject and also have trained (at my own expense) to be a facilitator of Edward de Bono’s “Fast Track to Creativity” course based on Dr. de Bono’s Lateral Thinking™ techniques.

As I say it is fascinating but also—since “intellectual capital” has become the most valuable asset of any organization or company wishing to not only survive but thrive—creative thinking skills are a necessary tool in today’s fast-moving world.

In the various publications I have there are zillions of techniques to spark creative thinking (one of the books has over 100 different techniques!). Many involve “playing around” whereas, in contrast, de Bono’s material is serious in approach and reflects one of his many published books entitled Serious Creativity.

The reality is that, at different times, some techniques seem to be more fruitful than others, so I like (when I can find the time) to play around with them. It is amazing how many new ideas can be generated in a short sitting.

Recently, after attending a meeting, I used one of the techniques where you take a word related to the problem for which you are seeking solutions, and see what other words can be found in it—words that can set off a whole new chain of thoughts.

I wrote down “DEVIL” and set to work…

The first word that emerged was LIVED. Devil spelled backwards as you will see. It is believed that the devil is a fallen angel who once LIVED in heaven with God. Interesting that the life the devil leads is the exact reverse of that which Christ demonstrated to us.

Then the words EVIL and VILE jumped out from the page and don’t they both—to a “T”—describe the nature of the devil?

Another hidden word is VEIL and it is certain that he, the devil, does all he can to distract us…to hide God from us.

LIE and LIED are another two words to be found. He certainly lied to Jesus in his temptation in the desert, promising that, “if you do this, I will give you that.” Jesus saw right through that ploy—after all he was both human and divine—so his insights were perfect. But he (the devil) sure tries to mislead us with his lies and innuendos, much as he did Adam and Eve.

But we’re not through yet. Can you see VIED? Yes, the devil vied with God in heaven and still does (for our attention) in these times. The evidence of his success with some is seen by the fruit of his efforts.
IDLE is there. What’s the old saying? ”The devil makes work for idle hands!”

LID suggests that he tries to keep a lid on good intentions lest they become good accomplishments. And DIVE? Well, he certainly hopes that one day each one of us will fall from grace!

DIE reminds us that he’d rather have us in hell with him than in heaven with God…and his favorite food? DELI. Preferably barbecued meat (if you see what I mean).

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