West’s museum will preserve, display history

(L-R) COLONEL GEORGE CHURCH, Museum Director Kimberly Mack, Commissioner Gisèle Gowans, General John Gowans and Commissioner David Edwards look at displays planned for the Western Territory museum.

General Gowans and Commissioner Gowans toured the museum facility following commencement activities at Crestmont College.Slated to open officially during the weekend of January 31-February 1, 2003, the Western Territory museum continues to develop as a center of research and learning as it moves toward completion.

While preserving and displaying items related to the West’s history are the key goals of the museum, it will also pay significant attention to the needs of researchers and authors by making available historical information related to The Salvation Army.

Currently, the collection includes approximately 7,000 photographs, 300 costumes including jewelry and hats, 44 posters and 700 media items including slides, playbills and documents. “Displays will center around music, people and history, through graphic images, books, texts, and objects of interest,” said Museum Director Kimberly Mack.

Focus areas will include: the Booth Room, Salvation Army Training College history,and displays pertinent to the Western Territory.

The museum committee, under the leadership of Colonel George Church, has identified key areas of importance in preserving and displaying the West’s significant history.

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