Western Officers Appointed to Russia – CIS

Hunters Leave West for Russia/CIS

Godspeed – Majors William and Barbara Hunter were bidden farewell with appreciation – and with “fun” gifts, presented by Captain Anna Irby.

By Christy Ziemba – 

Nearly 300 Salvation Army officers, corps members, employees and advisory board members filled the Littleton Temple Corps’ sanctuary in a farewell celebration for Majors William and Barbara Hunter.

Intermountain divisional leaders for nearly two and a half years, the Hunters have been appointed to Moscow as General Secretary Russia/CIS and Command Secretary for Women’s Organizations, Russia/CIS, respectively.

During the celebration, many related the impact they have had on the division. Denver Advisory Board Chairman Thom Scheffel spoke about the foundation they have laid and the exciting work still to be carried out in the division. He said, “Our prayer tonight is that you will look to the Rock for your strength when you are in Russia.” Special guest Colonel Dennis Phillips, chief secretary, stated “We have leaders here who love their people and whose people love them. I regret only knowing the Hunters for such a short time, butÉthey are fun, deep and good, and they love their people.” John Hayes, Intermountain lay ministries director, spoke on behalf of the soldiers and adherents. He said, “You have left us with one indisputable principle – that it’s possible if we are willing to try and trust in Christ.” He continued, “You have indeed demonstrated a devotion to the salvation of the people.”

Major William Hunter’s message centered on Paul and his work with the Philippians. He said, “Perhaps the most important thing I can do as a leader is finish well.” He continued, “I would like to finish like Paul.” Colonels Bruce and Dorothy Harvey, the new divisional leaders, most recently served as assistant chief secretary and assistant to the territorial president of women’s organizations, respectively.

Froderbergs Appointed to Russia/CIS

Colonel Bill D. Luttrell, secretary for personnel, recently announced the appointment of Majors Wayne and Patricia Froderberg to the Russia/CIS command, effective March 15. Major Wayne Froderberg will serve as the commandÕs regional officer and Major Patricia Froderberg will serve as regional director of women’s organizations. They currently serve in the Western Territory as territorial audit secretary and Ideas! editor, respectively.





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