Western dollars make a difference

Indonesian cadets benefit from books, computer


CADETS IN JAKARTA, Indonesia take advantage of the new resources provided in part by Self Denial funds from the Western Territory.

With the assistance of $5,000 from the Western Territory and an additional $1,030 from another source, the training college library in Jakarta has received much- needed improvements. The library was limited in terms of resources for cadets, reports Territorial Projects Officer Captain Yusak Tampai, with too few books and a limited number of titles. Purchasing books personally is not easy, as most cadets have no reserve funds. The funding has resulted in the purchase of 548 books with 193 titles, covering topics such as theology, church history, church growth, doctrine eschatology, and a concordance. In addition, six new desks, 10 book racks, three units of air conditioning, and a personal computer were purchased. The PC is connected to the internet, enabling cadets and staff to access web sites and email.

“The willingness of the USA Western Territory to fund this project has made complete the contribution to the development of Indonesian officers,” says Tampai. “The building was constructed by the Western Territory, and now the library has been developed and located in the same building.

“The future of the Army depends on the quality of its officers. The future of The Salvation Army in Indonesia is very much depending on the quality of Indonesian officers. By developing the library as a resource center for cadets, we are certain that the future newly-appointed lieutenants will be more qualified.”

Currently, there are 28 first and 20 second-year cadets, under the leadership of Training Principal Major Selly Poa.

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