West recognizes officers for long service in 2020

Congratulations to the long-serving Western Territory officers recognized during the 2020 Commissioning weekend as follows:

25 Years

Major Ho Yoon Chang                       

Major Kehyoung Chang                     

Major Ron Fenrich                             

Major Ronalee A. Fenrich                  

Major Kevin A. Hanson                     

Major Dianne A. Jiminez

Major Ralph Jiminez, Jr.

Major Bob P. Louangamath

Colonel Colleen R. Riley

Colonel Douglas F. Riley

Lt. Colonel Lisa R. Smith

30 Years  

Major Beth Paugh                         

Major Darren S. Trimmer

35 Years

Major Philip Lum                               

Major Jonnette Mulch                       

Lt. Colonel Allie Niles

Lt. Colonel Kelly K. Pontsler

Major Dawn Rocheleau

Major George M. Rocheleau                        

40 Years

Colonel Victor Leslie                          

Major Darlan Marquez                      

Major Eloisa Martin                           

Major Jeffrey A. Martin

Major Margaret Peacock

Major Rick Peacock

Major Katherine E. Reed

45 Years

Commissioner David E. Hudson      

Commissioner Sharron Hudson

Read more here about Commissioners David and Sharron Hudson as they retire this month from leadership of The Salvation Army in the U.S.

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