West Initiates New Literary Effort

Former T.C. Comm. Will Pratt Authors Book of S.A. Humor

West installs new literary commission to initiate foray into publishing field

With the publication of A Funny Thing Happened on …THE WAY, by former Western Territorial Commander Commissioner Will Pratt (R), the West signals its entry into the field of book publishing. In support of that effort, Commissioner Peter H. Chang, territorial commander, has seen fit to appoint a Literary Council charged with responsibility for shepherding a series of books through the publication process.

Members of the Literary Council are: Colonel George Church, chair, Colonel Noella Phillips, Major Anne Pickup, secretary, Major Sharon Robertson, Major Ralph Looker, Major Deborah Flagg, Captain Kenneth Hodder, Dr. Robert Docter, New Frontier editor, and Sue Schumann, New Frontier managing editor.

“The creation of a Territorial Literary Council indicates the territorial commander is committed to the production, publication, and distribution of worthy manuscripts and encourages Salvationists within the territory to write on subjects related to a contemporary life and Salvation Army thought,” said Church.

“The members of the council come with a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of literature, and we can anticipate some great additions to the Army’s library of literary gems.”

Guided by specific regulations from International Headquarters, Army book publications are officially copyrighted by the General and carry an international book number (ISBN). The sale of the publication has usually been the responsibility of the territory’s trade department. Because of the unique and interesting humor of THE WAY, the book will also be submitted for sale to the general public in book stores.

The Literary Council has invited authors to submit a prospectus and outline of book ideas for consideration. These ideas, if endorsed, may result in manuscripts being requested.

While the Pratt book is the initial publication of this literary council, it should be noted that it is not the first book published by the West. This honor goes to Commissioner John Gowans, Australia Eastern territorial commander, when–as Secretary for Program in the Western Territory–he published his second book of prayer poems, O Lord!

Another Westerner, Lt. Colonel Check Yee, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco Chinatown Corps with the publication of For My Kinsman’s Sake in 1986.

Because of the publication experience of the New Frontier staff, they have been asked to assume responsibility for administering the details of this initial publication. In addition to their editing and preparing the manuscript for printing, the paper’s production specialist, John Docter, scanned all the cartoons and artwork for the book, providing final film to the printer.

The publisher, “WinePress” of Mukil-teo, Wash., was selected because of their prior experience in printing, binding and marketing books in the Christian publications market. An initial publication run of 3,500 books was ordered, and early orders from around the world indicate a second printing might be necessary.

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