West Adams Enrolls 25 Jr. Soldiers

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The West Adams Corps in Denver, Colo., recently celebrated the enrollment of 22 Junior soldiers. Colonels Bruce and Dorothy Harvey, Intermountain divisional leaders, led a time of praise, enrollment, and worship.

This extraordinary event will be a cornerstone of all the great programs that the corps, led by A/Captains Howard and Judy Tanovan, will begin soon.

The West Adams congregation has been composed mostly of seniors. In the past year, through neighborhood visitation led by past officers Majors Don and Rachele Bowman and Lt. Denice Goodwin, the corps has been blessed by an overwhelming response from the Laotian/Hmong community. Within a few weeks, the youth programs tripled in size.

“I want to become a Junior soldier because I want to learn how Jesus helped the older people in his time, and how I can also help the older people in my church.” (Mai Cher Lor, age 9) Excited and encouraged to learn more about Jesus Christ, the majority of the children started to attend the Sunday morning services. Directed by Lt. Michelle Smith, the children are now in an unofficial “adopt-a-grandparent” program with many of the seniors in the congregation.

The corps has a new vision of reaching out to more of the Laotian/Hmong community. Many of the children continually pray for their parents and grandparents. It is their hope that their families will have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Harvey challenged the new Junior soldiers and the congregation, saying: “You are the salt and light,” helping the young people realize that they can make a difference in building the Kingdom of God.

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