We Had a Miracle at Logan Heights

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by Victor Pinzon – 

In a world often filled with bad news, it is good to know that God is still performing miracles through The Salvation Army and its dedicated team of officers and volunteers.

Less than a year ago, in Logan Heights, Calif., Carlos Martinez was out of work and struggling with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. His wife, Norma, was doing no better, sharing in his misery and low self-esteem.

A concerned neighbor recommended that the couple’s children attend services at the Salvation Army outpost in City Heights. After the children attended for several weeks, the couple noticed a positive change in their behavior and decided to investigate.

This is where the miracle began. Through The Salvation Army, Carlos and Norma discovered the force of God’s love demonstrated through A/Captains Jerry and Vicki Esqueda.

“They were both troubled and depressed,” says A/Captain Jerry Esqueda. “They needed all the loving counseling and prayer we could provide. After a few weeks, both Carlos and Norma stepped forward during a Sunday morning service to denounce their abuse of alcohol and drugs. The couple truly experienced a miraculous change in their lives.”

Five months pregnant with her fifth child, Norma was told that she would not survive the delivery because of cancer. Despite the bad news, they remained faithful that somehow God would intervene. A subsequent medical diagnosis revealed that her cancer had miraculously disappeared! She later delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl with no complications. The experience would change her life forever.

Today, Carlos and Norma are dedicated members of the outpost, often helping others in their community. Carlos also experienced his special miracle. After months of unemployment, he found a job that would pay him more than $12 an hour.

“I am now able to provide for my wife and children. I have never known such joy in my life, and I thank God every day for bringing me and my family to the doors of The Salvation Army,” says Carlos.

In addition to counseling other couples, they are active in the bread distribution ministry held every week at the Outpost.

“It has been a pleasure to watch this couple grow and succeed so nicely in life after so many trials and setbacks.” says A/Captain Vicki Esqueda. “They have found the value of faith in their lives, and it is very fulfilling for me as a Salvation Army officer to know that my family helped show them the way to a better future.”

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