WBC–a family affair

Western Bible Conference programming will cover all age groups.

by Ivan Wild, Major –

Registration for the Western Bible Conference (WBC)—scheduled for August 21-26, 2010, at the Mt. Hermon Conference Center, California—is now open; space is limited. To register, contact your corps officer or link to an application via the Western Territory’s website: www.usw.salvationarmy.org.

Why am I so excited about WBC?

Because it’s a family Bible conference!

While The Salvation Army excels in its programming, one area currently under-emphasized is multi-generational worship. We offer a variety of age-specific programs—Moonbeams, Sunbeams, Girl Guards, Adventure corps, YPL (Young People’s Legion), young adult retreats, corps cadets, junior soldiers, junior band, singing company and Sunday school curriculum for every age. All are important and serve a specific purpose for discipleship, evangelism and outreach.

Often overlooked, multi-generational programming can provide a meaningful experience where families worship, learn and grow together in their spiritual walk with the Lord. Scripture clearly states that God has ordained and instituted the family and desires that it unite in worship, living out the Christian life.

For the WBC, The Salvation Army—acknowledging the importance of multi-generational programming—has designed a family conference. Delegates will enjoy plenty of time to be with relatives and participate in fun pastimes. During meeting times, the young ones will be in childcare, but it is not “baby sitting.” Mt. Hermon, the venue for the conference, provides Christian, professional childcare with planned activities that teach Christian principles. The teens will get the best of both worlds: They will be involved in the general sessions with their families, listening to Bible teachings, but then will have age appropriate breakout sessions that will allow them to talk and consider biblical principles with trained leaders. Later they will be ready to dialogue with their parents on the day’s lesson.

The WBC will also offer both relaxing and extreme activities that youth and adults can experience together, including a train ride to the boardwalk, a high ropes canopy course and zip line for the adventurous and an indoor rock-climbing wall. There will be team sport tournaments, like basketball in a state of the art gym, and a soccer tournament (I challenge any group to take on the Wild family) as well as individual tournaments like table tennis, foosball and pool.

WBC is going to be an all around fantastic time to spend with family and enjoy fellowship with believers. Don’t miss out—sign up today!

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