Unique Salt Lake City partnership benefits homeless

The Salvation Army of Salt Lake City, Utah, has teamed up with a local development company to invest its valuable downtown property in a capital venture that will provide significant resources to serve the homeless in downtown Salt Lake City.

The old Salvation Army Community Homeless Dining Room (CDR) and social service center was torn down nearly two years ago and relocated to a temporary home in the St. Vincent DePaul center. A new site for homeless services, along with proposed increased services for the homeless including a new community dining room facility and residential vocational training programs are being planned with these additional operating funds and other funds that will be raised in an upcoming capital campaign drive.

Captain James Sullivan, Salt Lake Basin coordinator comments, “The Salvation Army’s capacity to serve the homeless and needy in Salt Lake City will double as a result of this project. Where in the past we have struggled with serious debt and financial issues, this project will pave the way for new facilities and expanded services in a community where the Army’s message and ministry is desperately needed.”

This December will be the grand opening of an extended stay Hilton Homewood Suites, plus upscale restaurants, high retailers, and office space on the old site. The developer of the project, U.S Development, has been very successful in both construction and leasing of the approximately $26 million facility.

The architecture of the beautiful new facility is patterned in the motif of the historical Rio Grande train station across the street and Salt Lake City’s newest cultural and shopping center, The Gateway, just a block away.

The end result for The Salvation Army will be a significant, ongoing cash flow to serve the homeless more effectively in the future.

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