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Ray Steiner

From the time Ray Steiner of Homer, Alaska first came to Christ, he has been giving his time, talent and resources to spreading the Good News. A soldier and corps sergeant major of the Homer Corps, he has traveled the world to build church-related facilities.

His projects include The Salvation Army camp at King’s Lake, the quarters for the Homer Corps and the new thrift store in Homer. He also helped develop the plans for a new girls’ home in Palu, Indonesia, and spent two months there while overseeing the completion of the home.

He is currently working towards raising funds to construct a new boys’ home in Kalawara, Indonesia.

For his tireless service to building God’s kingdom, soldier Ray Steiner has earned the distinction, Trailblazer of the Year.

Sandi Gabel

Through her tireless efforts and wide community involvements, Army employee Sandi Gabel has increased the scope of The Salvation Army’s ministry significantly in Phoenix, Arizona. Her creative ideas for volunteer projects, for example, resulted in an increase in the number of volunteer hours per year from 6,602 to over 30, 785.

Under her efforts, the profits of many annual Army fundraisers have grown significantly—such as the National Salvation Army Month golf tournament, which grew from $5,000 to more than $50,000. During the 2002 holiday season Sandi increased the media stories on the Army by more than 100.

As director of development, she has also formed collaborations with other agencies, including the Boy Scouts of America and Arizona State University, which allow the Army in Phoenix to stretch its dollars and increase its programming.

Because of her hard work and creative vision for The Salvation Army, Sandi Gabel has earned the title, Trailblazer of the Year.

Captains Charles and Shari Fowler

Under the leadership of Captains Charles and Shari Fowler, The Sal-vation Army in the Marshall Islands has seen growth in corps, ministry projects, and united Marshall Island (MI) events. The Fowlers have served as corps officers of the Rita Corps and most recently as the MI Coordinator and MI Training Center Director. They founded the Marshall Islands Leadership Training Center, where Salvationists prepare for local officership.

The Fowlers have developed united MI events including Women’s Ministry Camp, Men’s Camp, Youth Councils and Family Camp.

For their vision in leading the Marshall Islands into the new century, Captains Charles and Shari Fowler have earned the title, Trailblazers of the Year.

Doy Henley

Doy Henley first joined the then Santa Ana, Calif., Advisory Board in 1976. As part of the Army’s Long Range Planning Task Force, he has played a key role in the success of projects including the Buffalo Street transitional program and shelter and the Anaheim Red Shield Community Center.

He served as chairman of the Orange County Advisory Board and has provided leadership on a number of standing committees. Recently Doy, with his wife Dee, took the lead in ensuring the success of the new child care/Christian education center at the Tustin Ranch Corps with a generous financial gift. Up and running, the facility is called the Doy and Dee Henley Youth Center/Pre-School.

Because of his ongoing commitment to the work of The Salvation Army, Doy Henley is recognized as a Trailblazer of the Year.

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