50 movies every Salvationist should see

By Kevin Jackson, Major, and Grant Whitehead –

While there are many worthwhile movies to view, enjoy and learn from, we have narrowed the must-see list down to 50 titles, not in ranked order. Kevin picked most of the old ones and Grant picked most of the new ones. Together, we sought films that contained themes centering upon faith, social issues and character studies while emulating those things that might be important for every Salvationist to see. These are the top 50:

[gss ids=”8656,8652,8623,8625,8673,8639,8641,8674,8624,8642,8670,8657,8634,8643,8645,8663,8635,8655,8637,8650,8626,8671,8654,8629,8640,8628,8627,8662,8630,8648,8633,8660,8672,8666,8658,8669,8664,8647,8653,8644,8638,8667,8632,8661,8651,8665,8646,8636,8631,8668″]

Would you put a different movie on the list? Tell us what you would add.

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