Tillsleys Minister Widely in So. California

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HELLO–General and Mrs. Bramwell (Maud) Tillsley (R) greet Clarence White after THQ chapel services.


by Warren Johnson –

In a recent whirlwind visit to the West, General and Mrs. Bramwell (Maud) Tillsley (R) enjoyed widespread–and energetic– participation in a number of territorial, divisional and corps events in Southern California.

Their first stop was at the Tustin Ranch Corps family retreat during the Memorial Day weekend, where they were joined by their son and daughter-in-law, Captains Mark and Sharon Tillsley, corps officers in Montclair, New Jersey.

The retreat’s theme was “The Power of Working Together–the Power of Loving Your Church,” and the Tillsleys combined their teaching gifts and talents by conducting sessions highlighting the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit and practical application of a love for God’s three favorite people–the lost, the least and the last. It was a wonderful weekend packed full of fellowship, great food, camp stuff, and the best naps in Malibu. Captains Lee and Michele Lescano, Tustin Ranch corps officers, hosted the weekend.

Following the retreat, they were hosted by Lt. Colonels Alfred and Sherryl Van Cleef for a very busy week in the division, including teaching at the Territorial Headquarters’ chapel service and speaking to cadets at the College for Officer Training.

Their final weekend saw them special at two significant events. On Friday evening, the General and Mrs. Tillsley attended the Army’s Orange County Civic Dinner and Celebration of Service Awards at Tustin Ranch. Three hundred advisory board organization leaders and guests gathered for a “Best of the West” barbque, followed by a program featuring the Tustin Ranch Band and Songster Brigade.

Four awards were given: the William Booth Award was presented by B/M and Mrs. Edward Freeman to Orange County Recorder Gary and Mrs. Granville. The Spirit of the Army Award was presented by Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef to Metropolitan Life Insurance for their assistance during the 1997 holiday season, and the Volunteer of the Year Award was presented by Advisory Board Chairman Milt and Amelia Madole, president of the Army’s Orange County Women’s Auxiliary, to Women’s Auxiliary member Linda Groth.

Tillsley presented the prestigious “Others” Award to Congressman Christopher Cox (R) of the 47th Congressional District (Newport Beach, Calif.) for his legislative fight for decency, family values and a variety of legislation that will continue to enhance the quality of life for all Americans.

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