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GENERAL BRAMWELL TILLSLEY (R) [center] and Mrs. General Maude Tillsley (R) enjoy a moment of conversation during their recent visit to the Cascade Division.

General Bramwell Tillsley (R) and Mrs. General Maude Tillsley (R) were featured guests at the Cascade Division’s recent United Meeting. Attendees represented four states and two divisions, and the distinctly Army music and uplifting messages heralded the theme “More Than Conquerors.”

Divisional Commander Major Paul Seiler introduced the division’s Unified Singing Company representing nearly 100 young people from Gresham, Hillsboro and, this year’s winning company, Port-land Tabernacle, OR.

In a moving testimony of World Services, General Maude Tillsley (R) highlighted an experience at a Salvation Army leper colony in India where she was invited to a Home League meeting.

She learned of the ingenious methods of fund raising by ladies now maimed and disfigured by the disease, who had lived in the colony for as many as 20 years. She spoke of her own humbling experience watching as these same ladies literally danced their offerings to the front, illustrating unbounded joy in producing for the Giver of Life, in bringing the Word to the world.

General Bramwell Tillsley (R) delivered the message, speaking on the eighth chapter of Romans, a favorite book “opening with no condemnation, ending with no separation and in between…no possibility of defeat.”

The audience was treated to a traditional Army sermon, laced with humor, confessions of youthful days, and how a life of holiness is ours when we consider that everything fits into a pattern for good to those who love God. Revitalized with the message of hope and a new vision of the greatness of God, attendees were encouraged to accept “overwhelming victory from Jesus Christ.”

Trumpet call for Harry Stillwell

Trumpet call for Harry Stillwell

GENERAL JARL WAHLSTRÖM pins the Order of the Founder badge on retired Bandmaster

New Frontier garners award

New Frontier garners award


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