Thrift with us at The Salvation Army in Santa Monica, California

Thrift With Us: Shopping for a cause at The Salvation Army

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You never know what kind of hidden gems you may find until you look in a Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Join Alisa and Britney, a couple of girls who love a good deal on great clothes, as they shop The Salvation Army’s thrift store in Santa Monica, California. Spend the day hunting for treasure, all while supporting The Salvation Army’s life-changing Adult Rehabilitation Program.

Below is a transcript of the video edited for readability.

Alisa: Look at this. My friend just went to a wiener dog race in Huntington Beach.

Britney: No way. It’s brand new.

Alisa: This was $200?

Britney: $200 retail. Whoa. Look at these. What is that? A dinosaur spine or something.

Alisa: We’re here today at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Santa Monica, California.

Britney: We’re gonna go thrifting and see what we can find.

Alisa: Let’s go.

Britney: I think I’ma go to denim first. I love denim. How about you?

Alisa: I’m probably gonna look at the skirts and see if they have anything. Okay, let’s go. This skirt definitely gives me clueless vibes. It’s really cute. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for today, but I do like the vibe.

Britney: So I like 70s style kind of clothes, and I found these pants, and they’re like corduroy. I’ve been looking for corduroy, and they’re like, kind of flared on the bottom. And then I found this little blouse that also has these little flared arms.

Alisa: Wow, look at those sleeves. This costume for a little kid, you’re like a medieval princess.

Britney: It looks like Romeo and Juliet.

Alisa: Oh, it does look like Romeo and Juliet. That’s cool that you can go Halloween shopping here. Or theater shopping.

Britney: This is cute. Alisa. Get it. So pretty.

Alisa: Oh, okay. This is a pretty cool find, actually. It is a New York Yankees hat. I actually have a New York Yankees hat in white, so I am actually pretty excited about these. These are kind of expensive. I think I paid almost 30 dollars for the one that I have. So this is going to be significantly less, so this is awesome. It’s Dorothy. But it kind of also looks like a German dirndl. So sorry if you speak German.

Britney: When I’m looking for shoes, I like to look for a color that I’d wear a lot, but sometimes pops of color are kind of cute, depending on how you style them. Like, these are super cute, but they’re, like, a bright pink. These are, like, beachy little strappy heels. These yellow little heels for, like, a fun summer outfit. And I like this square toe. I love square toes. They have men’s shoes, too. Leather shoes just last forever, if you take good care of them, but they’re so expensive when you buy them in the store, so this is a really nice way to get affordable, nice leather shoes.

Alisa: I found this Lakers jersey, which is super fun. I’ve actually never seen the Lakers play, but I do love basketball, and this would be pretty cool to wear to a game or just, like, I don’t know, supporting L.A. That’s actually really cute. Is it comfy?

Britney: Yeah, it’s really comfy.

Alisa: That looks really good on you.

Britney: It’s brand new.

Alisa: This was $200 originally?

Britney: $200 retail.

Alisa: I also found this kind of cropped hoodie, laid back, easy-going, but it is cute. And this is fun. A little UCLA. I kind of like the color. I like the colors, and I think it could pair really cute with the white tennis skirt that I already own, so might try it.

Britney: I love denim. Look it, more overalls.

Alisa: Oh, that’s cute.

Britney: They have so many tennis skirts. That’s cute. Stick around to see our outfits.

Alisa: We had so much fun thrifting with you guys and we hope you enjoyed seeing what we found.

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