This Session Was a ‘DISASTER’

Quayle, Keating, Dalberg Provide Preparedness

DISASTER– Major David Dalberg (in red cap) narrated vignettes illustrating examples of the The Salvation Army’s disaster work.

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and National Advisory Board (NAB) member Mrs. Marilyn Quayle provided personal perspectives on the Army’s disaster response ministry as they addressed delegates during the Disaster Services session

Master of Ceremonies Quayle, who chairs the NAB’s disaster services committee, chronicled The Salvation Army’s emergency relief work from its first national effort at the 1900 Galveston, Tex., hurricane, to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995–nearly 100 years of Salvation Army emergency service.

She also introduced a new video “More than a Meal,” a documentary highlighting the Army’s work in times of disaster.

Keating, who had been in office less than three months when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office building in downtown Oklahoma City was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, had high praise for the Army’s emergency assistance. “The men and women of The Salvation Army were so important to us,” he said. “They made us feel secure, and assured us we weren’t forgotten.” He noted the Army was there at the beginning and at the end of the relief operation. More than 600 were injured, 168 were killed, 320 buildings sustained damage or were destroyed, and 2,000 vehicles were destroyed. Thirty children lost both parents and 170 children lost one parent. “The human spirit of togetherness and commitment made us proud to be part of The Salvation Army family,” he said.

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