Territorial Commander’s Corps Cadet Awards Announced

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The Territorial Youth Department has announced that 38 Corps Cadet brigades in the Western Territory reached Achievement for 1998. Achievement is reached by the brigade being involved in classes and completing lessons, participating in corps meetings, wearing uniform, participating in World Services and Harvest Festival projects, having increased membership and attendance, attending activities outside the corps, and having fun activities.

There are three divisions in the Corps Cadet program depending upon the size of the brigade. Division A is for brigades of one to seven Corps Cadets; Division B is for brigades of eight to 14; and Division C is for brigades of 15 or more. Within each division, three awards are available: Yellow, Red and Blue, with Blue being the highest award.

Congratulations are in order to the following corps (listed in order of their points) for making Corps Cadets an important, active part of the corps.

Division A: Torrance (winner), Tucson Temple, Hobbs, Yakima, Anchorage Citadel, Mat-Su Valley, So. San Francisco, Vancouver, Newport, San Fernando Valley, Bakersfield Citadel, Petersburg, McMinnville, Seattle Temple, Oceanside, Centre City, Anacortes, Gateway, Redondo Beach, Roseville.

Division B: Watsonville (winner), Yuma, South Anchorage, Santa Clara Citadel, Pasadena Tabernacle, Modesto Red Shield, Merced, Chico, Lihue, Kolonia, Burbank, Oxnard.

Division C: Tulare (winner), Kenai, Bakersfield Temple, Hollywood.

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