Territorial Business Conference slated for May

Speakers include The Honorable J. Douglas Holladay and Major George Hood.

by Jim Boyd – 

Every few years the Western Territory has a combined conference for the business disciplines in which professionals from Community Relations and Development, Finance, Information Technology, and general business meet to learn what is new, hear about best practices, and hone their professional skills. This year’s conference, themed Doing the Most Good Managing God’s Resources, takes place May 3-5, at the Hyatt Hotel near THQ, in Long Beach.

The world of business disciplines grows ever more complex each year. Changes in laws and professional standards as well as the increasing pace of change in technology require constant attention for professionals in these fields. In addition to learning about what is new, the opportunity to share “best practices” helps peers learn from each other. Mixing of people in the various disciplines at plenary sessions, during meals, and at break time, also helps to increase understanding about how all of the disciplines contribute to the mission of the Army.

In addition to headquarters staff, employees and officers in the field who hold significant administrative responsibilities may wish to attend. There is not a specific track or emphasis on business at the local level, but people who have attended in the past have found the information and networking beneficial. Frank Walton, Business Administrator for the Tacoma, Wash. corps, wrote in a follow-up evaluation to the last (2003) conference, “I would encourage additional field participation… As a direct result of the conference, I have shared materials with key staff and employees, presented materials in staff meeting… The Business Conference did for me as a business administrator, what a revival does for a Christian… renewed commitment for the priorities.”

Plenary speakers will include The Honorable J. Douglas Holladay, General Partner, Park Avenue Equity Partners, former White House senior staff and US Ambassador; and Major George Hood from NHQ, addressing the new national branding campaign (Doing the Most Good). The conference will conclude with an address from our own territorial commander, Commissioner Philip Swyers.

To register, contact your Divisional Secretary. The fee to register is $250 plus lodging. For additional information, contact James Boyd or Susan Talamantes at THQ.

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