Colonel Kyle, Commissioners Jolene K. and Kenneth G. Hodder with Terri A. Haack

Terri Haack, President of Terranea Resort, speaks at Crestmont

By Karen Gleason – 

Terri A. Haack, President of Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California, spoke at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont Feb. 3, before cadets and Territorial Headquarters employees, as part of the Crestmont Lecture Series organized by the Territorial Communications department.

Western Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder introduced her, providing some of her history in the hospitality industry and calling her “a good neighbor and a fine friend.”

Haack spoke first about Terranea itself, which lies just down the hill from the Crestmont campus. She emphasized Terranea’s careful development and its ongoing respect for the environment, the history of the land and the community.

“It’s not about us,” she said. “It’s about everyone before us and everyone after us. We’re only here for a moment.”

Terri A. Haack

As Terranea’s President, Haack is ultimately responsible for about 1,250 employees. She shared her “Six Pillars of Intentional Leadership” with the audience. The first is “connection”: making the effort to really connect with everyone throughout the day. This includes the feeling that “I can count on you and I’ve got your back.” The second pillar is “clean communication,” which ensures respect and dignity in interactions while still getting the point across and helping people understand how to be better. Next is “compassion.” Acknowledge that life is complicated and people face personal challenges while honoring the work that needs to be done. The fourth pillar is “higher purpose,” which entails standing for a larger vision, beyond financial results, and remembering that one’s efforts are for others. Next is “participation,” which is “fanatical engagement…the commitment to show up and play full out.” The final pillar is “100 percent responsibility and accountability,” all the time, Haack said, not just when people are looking.

Haack finished by taking questions from the audience, offering thoughtful answers to some tough questions that included what had been her biggest challenge in the previous year and how the six pillars helped her resolve it. 

Commissioner Jolene K. Hodder closed the meeting in prayer, asking God’s blessing upon Haack and Terranea Resort.

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