TEAM– New Leadership Training Model Announced

The Western Territory is poised to launch the new TEAM (teach, equip, affirm and multiply) Leadership and Discipleship program this spring. According to Program Secretary Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, TEAM is designed to build on the foundation of the Master Leader’s Key Plan.

“We wanted to add a discipleship component to our training program,” says Peacock. “Effective Christian leaders are not just skilled people, they are people with a personal commitment to Christ and a personal commitment to developing their spiritual life and the spiritual lives of those around them. Beyond skill-building, we wanted to add instruction in the discipleship process.”

In 1981, the Western Territory inaugurated the Master Leader’s Key Plan, becoming the model for the other U.S. territories to develop similar leadership training programs for soldiers also.

Developed by Janette Bosanko and Captain Terry Camsey, this program of well-designed and developed seminars gained wide acceptance throughout the territory. Within several years “Key” pins were worn proudly on the lapels of many soldiers and officers who had completed the five courses of Salvation Army history, Salvation Army doctrine, evangelism, dynamics of leadership through personality styles, and leadership training for Census Board positions.

“With so many graduates, an expansion in the program was needed,” says Major Anne Pickup, Discipleship and Lay Leadership director. “Developing leadership skills, improving our relationships with people, and determining how to provide effective programs are a never-ending need in our corps. Hundreds of soldiers and officers have taken full advantage of the Master Leader’s Key Plan, and now want more.”

“A few days ago I saw a license plate that sums up my gratification for the years spent in developing, teaching and promoting the Master Leader Key Plan,” said Bosanko.

“It read: * 2 C U GRO. I would encourage all soldiery to accept the challenge offered by this exciting new TEAM leadership and discipleship program.”

Major Deborah Flagg began the process of expansion and renovation which ultimately became TEAM Leadership and Discipleship, under the supervision of Pickup. The program retains the original goal and concept of Master Leader’s Key Plan–the training and equipping of soldiers for leadership within their corps.

Discipleship issues will be discussed in four of the six new seminars. Basic inner disciplines of a disciple of Jesus will be followed by an exploration of the outer disciplines, lifestyle issues that cause a disciple to truly be “salt and light” in the world. Discipleship through mentoring relationships and small group activities will also be examined.

Leadership skills will be developed and enhanced through the study of spiritual gifts and characteristics that define a servant leader.

“This is all quite exciting,” says Pickup. “We are addressing the current needs of our soldiers, officers and corps. It will take the next several months to complete the materials, but when complete each will be available for use in corps or at divisional events.

Each seminar comes with a complete teacher’s manual, masters of overhead transparencies, masters of hand-out sheets and a complete list of materials needed to present the seminar. The instructor will simply need to spend time studying the notebook and gathering needed supplies.

Capt. Donna Ames, Evangelism/Cross Cultural and Adult Programs Secretary, is encouraged by the development of TEAM. “As we continue to fulfill the goals of MISSION2000 through the ‘Disciples Count’ emphasis, TEAM seminars will give additional support and necessary equipping.”

A membership fee of $20 is requested but not required. Those who join TEAM will be issued a membership pin, and at the completion of each seminar will receive certificates. Membership will be open to all interested people age 16 and above. TEAM is not restricted to soldiers and officers, but welcomes adherents and friends attending the Army.

Pickup emphasizes, “We want these seminars to be open and available to all interested Christians. Our goal is the development of people as disciples of Jesus who have skills to contribute to the Kingdom of God through the Body of Christ, his Church. It’s very possible that spiritual formation precedes membership in the Army.”

As society continues to change, futurists call for paradigm shifts that will keep the ministry relevant. TEAM Leadership and Discipleship is a paradigm shift to take us into the new millennium.

What happens to my membership in Master Leader’s Key Plan?
Every member of MLKP will be “grandfathered” into TEAM. In the near future you will receive the new TEAM pin. Wear it proudly.

Can I still graduate from Master Leader’s Key Plan?
1998 will be considered a transition year. Any soldier, currently a member of MLKP, who completes an original MLKP seminar will be given credit. If the seminar completes the five levels of MLKP, a pin and certificate of graduation will be issued.

What will it take to graduate from TEAM Leadership and Discipleship?
There will be no graduation. TEAM is an open-ended “institute of seminars” designed to meet the ever evolving needs of Christians, the Kingdom of God and corps life.

What happened to the five levels of Master Leader’s Key Plan?
They are still available. Rather than referred to by number, they have been given a name. To the existing five seminars another six will be added. The current TEAM curriculum consists of eleven seminars. In the future other relevant seminars will be added.

Do I have to join TEAM to attend the seminars?
No, but we hope you will! We want to make the seminars “user friendly” and inclusive. We are most interested in your personal spiritual growth and building your leadership skills, but joining TEAM will get you a pin and help with the overhead costs.

Do I need to attend the seminars in a particular sequence?
No, each seminar stands on its own. We encourage corps and DHQ’s to schedule seminars that will meet the needs of people and corps.

What does TEAM stand for?
each, Equip, Affirm and Multiply leadership and discipleship.

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