Winter 2015

drawing of accounting supplies

Making dollars make sense

‘Money Matters: Make It Count’ teaches financial literacy to teens. Most parents want to be good role models for their children, but when it comes to finance... Read More
Constanza Porche and her family | Photos by Jessica Shaw

10 years post-Katrina

The Salvation Army continues to serve the Gulf Coast.   Constanza Porche “I just had a feeling. I had a full tank, so I packed up some food and some stuf... Read More
Photos courtesy of Waves for Water

Sustainable surfing

Waves for Water partners with surfers, teachers and government agencies to bring clean water to developing countries.  Professional surfer and Waves for Wat... Read More
Bob Docter headshot

Economic justice

Right from the beginning, William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, was concerned with poverty and all it brought with it. It simply didn’t seem just that t... Read More