The Salvation Army

J Koebel

Finding a constant love

J Koebel’s dreams were coming true. He moved from Wisconsin to New York City where he was soon working regularly as a stand up comedian. Yet his addictions b... Read More
Mike Beaudreau|Photos by Kelly Elaine Photo

Learning to suit up

Mike Beaudreau Mike Beaudreau starts his day on the docks of the warehouse in Anaheim, Calif., at 6:30 a.m. He checks the trucks, and looks over 14 routes h... Read More

A vision to love

By Angel -  I have experienced abuse. One time, when I lived with a lady with a gambling addiction, I was locked in a basement, unallowed to use the bathr... Read More

Core convictions

Holiness as biblical spirituality The Salvation Army’s first doctrine is concerned with the Bible, a remarkable book that has had a profound impact throughou... Read More
Three Salvation Army Officers

Remaining true

When Richard did arrive, she told him he could only visit the kids one day a week. Edith said each time he visited she would do a “proof and search” to ensure h... Read More

Welcome home

A big challenge veterans face is reintegration into society and although government help is available, some need an extra push to be able to move forward wi... Read More
close up of bellringer apron and bell

Everyday people

The little pigtailed girl thinks he's Santa Claus. As he waves and smiles from behind a wavy gray beard, the golden buttons gleaming against his green wool v... Read More