Tab Youth Chorus takes congregation to Hawaii

by Martin Hunt , Songster Leader

The Youth Chorus treats the audience to a musical evening prior to their visit to Oahu.

Decorations of palm trees, tiki torches and surf boards set the mood for a recent concert in the chapel of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, as the youth chorus presented a musical evening prior to their weekend visit to the Island of Oahu.

As the 45-member youth chorus, under the leadership of Songster Barbara Allen, assembled singing the opening, “Praise His Holy Name,” the sense of excitement was transferred into powerful enthusiastic singing. Then, the lilting feel of the gospel song, “We are here to worship you,” transported the listener, with its gentle pulse of the music—similar to the gentle pulse and spirit of the Islands—to a place where God clearly exists.

After each member of the group introduced themselves to the congregation, the youth chorus shared music around the themes of “The Gifts of Creation,” “Jesus,” and “The Holy Spirit.”

The maturity of the youth chorus, conveyed in their communication and expression through music, was an encouragement to all. One of the many highlights was “Like a Tree,” the lyrics saying, “Like a tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved, although the wind blows around me.” Other songs included “Giving My Best,” “Santo, Santo” and the ever popular “Send It On Down!”

The chorus has been well trained, singing all 16 songs by memory, with clarity in diction, and a warmth of sound advanced beyond the average age of the group. Dance, clapping, changes in stage formation, along with a puppet presentation added interest and focus to the message that was presented.

Towards the end of the concert, the youth chorus made space for the Tabernacle Children’s Chorus, (TCC), a community children’s choir, also led by Allen. TCC delighted the audience with their singing, and gave a special music blessing, along with a lei, to each youth chorus member.

As the evening came to a close, Captain Edward Hill, corps officer, reminded the congregation of the gifts of love and family that are ours from God. In return we are asked to give of ourselves back to him.

The evening came to a conclusion with the powerful singing of Robert Lowery’s arrangement of “Christ Arose”—joined by the children, the youth chorus reminded us that the greatest gift can only be found in realizing that salvation is given to each one of us freely.

The Tabernacle Youth Chorus visited Hawaii March 13 – 17, presenting their musical gift at Youth Councils, Leeward Corps, and in outreach ministry

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