Sylvia Dalziel Links with New Generation

Vision 2000–Business Administrator’s Conference


Lt. Colonel Sylvia Dalziel is a lot more than a former member of the “Joystrings.” With a vital, vibrant and ringing testimony, she articulated more ideas for “Developing Tomorrow’s Supporters Today” in a briefer period of time than could be expected from any public relations specialist. She explained how to invest, educate and cultivate the next generation into a positive awareness of the Army’s work.

Recognizing the unique nature and thinking style of every living human being, Dalziel sought to underscore the importance of providing accurate and interesting information about the Army and its multi-faceted work to individuals of all ages–from primary to adult–and in diverse media packages designed to reach any cognitive style.

For example, children often need to write reports in school on crucial moral and social issues. Using print media, cd-rom, slides and videos, we need to provide anyone with what the Army is doing relative to homelessness, poverty, child abuse, marriage and divorce, value erosion, sexual exploitation and the environment. In relation to humanitarian issues, we need to develop materials concerning racism, prejudice, addiction, gender equality, medical ethics and war and peace. For those seeking information about religious studies, we need to provide information about the characteristics of our faith, about comparative customs and about how we work with diverse communities.

With advertisements in the print and electronic media, articles in magazines, direct mail, networking with Christian writers and lobbying interest groups and legislatures we will create informed people who will develop an interest in our movement and want to join us in our mission, she said.


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