Comments made by some of the corps officers involved in networking

“In so many ways, the ARC is helping men and women discover sober living and through its ministry, the Center is helping the beneficiaries experience God in a personal way. My wife and I have had the privilege, along with five other corps officers, to teach a Bible study every Tuesday. The amazing part that I have seen is the transformation of these men every week as we discuss the challenges they are overcoming and the victories they are seeing in their lives.

“Working alongside Majors Bill and Laurie Heiselman, we have discovered a way to integrate the men going through the ARC, and their families on the outside, into the corps. Their children are attending youth activities, their wives are attending women’s Bible studies, and they all come to worship on Sunday. Eventually, when the men are finished with their program, they will have a church home and begin to worship as a family.

“God has used this Bible study to bridge a gap that has for a long time been broken, not only for men going through treatment, but for families who need the touch of Christ to heal the lives of those affected by addiction.”
— Capt. Tom Stambaugh, Vallejo, CA, corps officer

“The integration of the ARC and corps is going very well. Men in the program, as well as new men entering the program, are hooked up with the corps officer for their area. By studying God’s Word on a weekly basis in these small groups, we are building bridges to link those men with a church so that upon completing the program they will have a home church.

“This program has meant a great deal to me personally: I have found that with this new ministry, I have found new life. As we have studied God’s Word, we have grown together, and I have begun to develop relationships with some of these men. I have found that although I am there to minister God’s Word to them, they have in turn ministered to me. I consider it a great joy to participate in this program.”
— Capt. Larry Feist, Napa, CA,
associate corps officer

“I value the partnership between the Napa Corps and the ARC because it has helped our congregation see the importance of the ARC program. Our corps people have attended chapel at the Center and in each case have come away with a spiritual blessing.

“We are now holding these men in prayer daily and know that God is going to touch their lives because of the faithfulness. I personally love leading the Bible study because there is a strong willingness to discover God’s Word. When a connection is made between the Word and their life experience, the Bible comes alive to them in a vibrant way. This is something that I want to be a part of. I feel this is an awesome privilege that God has allowed us to share in.”
—Capt. Darren Stratton, Napa, CA, corps officer

Oakland ARC networks with “hometown corps”

Oakland ARC networks with “hometown corps”

by Laurie Heiselman, Major –  Captain Tom Stambaugh, corps officer in

Trade dept. blasts into cyberspace

Trade dept. blasts into cyberspace

by Kurt Burger, Lt

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