Stricklands to Indonesia, Hokom to Del Oro, Danielsons to lead Costa Rica

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The following appointments have been announced, effective May 1, 2002.

Lt. Colonels Charles and April Stickland, presently divisional commander and divisional president of women’s organizations, respectively, in the Del Oro Division, are appointed chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s organizations, respectively, of the Indonesia Territory.

The Salvation Army opened its work in Indonesia (then Java) in 1894. More than 450 officers serve 185 corps and 122 outposts, which are attended by 24,000 soldiers and 15,000 adherents. There are 99 Army schools, from kindergartens, primary, and secondary to high schools. The Army also runs seven hospitals and 11 clinics, in addition to scores of social service programs.

Indonesia has a population of 228,437,870; the country is the world’s largest archipelago, and is located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. More than 88 percent of the population is Muslim; Protestants account for 5 percent of the inhabitants.

Major Eda M. Hokom, currently the divisional secretary for program in the Southwest Division, is appointed divisional commander and divisional director for women’s organizations in the Del Oro Division.

Effective June 1, 2002, Captains Douglas and Rhode Danielson, currently human resources development officer and training principal SFOT, and associate human resources development officer and director of special services/education officer of the Latin America North Territory, respectively, are appointed divisional leaders of the Costa Rica Division. Captain Douglas Danielson is appointed divisional commander. Captain Rhode Danielson is appointed divisional director of women’s organizations.

Major Jeffrey S. Dennis, currently serving as territorial auditor, is appointed as assistant to the finance secretary, business administration, territorial headquarters, effective April 8, 2002.

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