Spokane Women Aid Renovation

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The Spokane, Wash., Women’s Aux-iliary has raised $50,000 towards much-needed renovations for the dining room at the Army’s Camp Gifford in Eastern Washington.

Leadership by Auxiliary President Mary Jones and (then) corps officers Majors Dave and Jeannie Bowler, Jerry Paukert and Camp Director Jeff Potts resulted in a successful Auction/Dinner and Golf Tournament.

At their first tournament in 1984, the Women’s Auxiliary raised $1,000. In the following years, donations increased and by 1993 they were able to build a pavilion at the camp. “This year, the golf tournament grew so large we had it at two adjoining courses, followed by a golf clinic, a barbecue dinner, and the awards ceremony,” said Major Jeannie Bowler. “It’s all done so more kids can come to Camp Gifford, learn about Christ, and make life-changing decisions. In 1997, 448 children received Christ as Savior.”

Throughout the year, youth from the area come to camp on Sunday evening to play games, have Christian fellowship, hear bands and enjoy praise and worship led by Jeff Potts. On Wednesdays, adults meet for Bible study. “The Gideons come to camp every week and give each child a Bible,” said Bowler. “Our money for Bibles was non-existent, but God provided!”

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