South San Francisco Adds to Ranks

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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO CITADEL­Corps Officer Lt. Phil Smith addresses the newly commissioned local officers, soldiers and adherents.


The South San Francisco Citadel Corps was full of the promise of new life as it celebrated the one-year anniversary of its official building dedication.

During the Sunday morning Holiness meeting, Lts. Phil and Lawry Smith, corps officers, added to their ranks three junior soldiers, seven adherents, three senior soldiers, and 12 newly commissioned local officers–evidence of the growth taking place there.

“We give God all the glory and honor for the work he is doing in this corps family,” acknowledged Lt. Phil Smith, as he recognized that “we have more people here today than we did at our dedication.” The Smiths are excited about the growth as new families from nearby neighborhoods are being reached through various corps programs. One of the newly enrolled senior soldiers came from the Home League; another is an area teen who is very active in the corps’ youth group, Teens4Christ. The third is a graduate from the San Francisco Adult Rehabilitation Center who became involved after becoming an adherent. He has since been commissioned senior usher and assistant adult Sunday school teacher.

Another highlight of the day was the debut of the Citadel’s Junior Singing Company, led by Youth Director Marcey Hoffschneider. All this is evidence of the wonderful work the Lord is doing in the lives of his people.

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