So Cal Finance Gives Own Bucks for World Service

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by Beverly Ventriss – 

The Finance Department at Southern California divisional headquarters recently showed their concern for the Army’s work in Micronesia in a tangible way.

“After reading a memo Lt. Colonel Sherryl Van Cleef sent out to all corps and units requesting help with this very worthwhile project, we knew as a department that we wanted to be involved,” said Major Walter Fuge, divisional finance secretary.

The department collected a variety of supplies from a list which included items ranging from tee shirts, home medical items, and kitchen utensils, to craft materials and office supplies.

“I was completely floored and delighted,” said Van Cleef. “It is a great show of support for our Salvation Army personnel in Micronesia who are working so hard and often under very challenging conditions in other parts of the world.”

Van Cleef said that, at a meeting of Territorial Executive Council women, she had the opportunity to learn first-hand about visits of Salvation Army leadership to Micronesia, particularly to the island of Jaluit.

“The conditions described to us made us all more keenly aware of the shortage of the small, practical items needed to facilitate the caring ministry of the Army in that area. We each left the meeting with a list that had been shared with us, and a commitment to try to help.”

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